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2017 is Your Year to Organize! (and we can help!)

Organizing your house means assessing your needs, making a plan, sorting and boxing, and banishing the rest. The many garage storage kits from Rhino Shelf are easy to install so that you can quickly expand your storage capacity to store your sorted items. You will love your storage and, with Rhino Shelf, you can reclaim your house.

Rhino Shelf offers unmatched garage storage volume, strength and cubic feet of space.

The Organization Plan - Assessment

Assess Your Belongings

Walk through your house, garden, attic, basement, and garage. Take notes! What is the nature and extent of the stuff overload living in your home?

Assess your Storage Areas

Notice all the nooks and crannies that are cluttered. Notice the empty space. The Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits are great at using the space in corners, high on the wall, and/or above the garage doors. In other words, look for places where storage would come in handy.

With Rhino Shelf, there are many areas that are now able to safely store your belongings! From the garage to the workshop, the laundry room and the tool shed, we have a solution for you.

The Organization Plan - Sorting

Sorting has two purposes - organizing the things that you want to keep and store / banishing the things that you need to let go.

Household Items to Keep and Store in an Organized Manner

Clothing (Out-of season, future hand-me-downs)

Seasonal/Holiday Decorations

Household File Archives (tax records, personal documents, family information, files)

Sentimental Items and Keepsakes (yearbooks, children's artwork and report cards, photos)


Sporting Goods (bicycles, skis, snowboards, skates, camping equipment, outdoor games)

Unused Toys

Hobby and Craft Supplies (sewing machine, fabric, paint)

Party and Hospitality Supplies (coffee urn, paper goods, extra glasses, punch bowl, seasonal tablecloths, extra chairs, extra bedding)

Lesser-used Cleaning Equipment (carpet steam cleaner, car cleaning supplies)

Tools and Hardware (hand tools, power tools, hardware items, ladder, garden tools, auto repair tools)

Original packaging for computers, televisions, and Audio Equipment (keep this packaging for items that are still under warranty - toss this for out-of-warranty items)

The RhinoMini is affordable and strong garage storage shelving.

Household Items that You Should Banish

Be honest, there are a few ugly decorations, figurines, and gifts that need to go.

Unused Small Appliances (any small appliance that has not been used in a year)

Excess Kitchen Equipment (clunky extra pots and pans, novelties)

Small Electronics and Other Things that are Not Working (honestly, you have been trying to get around to those small fixer-upper projects for a long time, but you never so. Send it away!)

Unusable Clothing (wore out, too small, out-of style)

Construction Leftovers and Debris

Excess Furniture that is in the Way

*Note: When you banish an item, stand behind your decision. Donate them to charity, have a yard sale, or just haul them to your nearest dump. Get them out of the way and make room for those items that you need to keep.

Rhino Shelf | Home Organization is our business, start with the garage.

The Organization Plan - Banish and Box

Now, let's get to work. Room by room, shelf by shelf, let's go through each area and decide - Stay, store, or banish. Also, go through the things that you've already stored. Have you used it in the past year? Is it a "must keep"?

Everything that you must keep should have a home. We really like the 30-35 gallon totes that are available at your local big box store. Make sure that you keep items that are similar in the same tote. Clothes and fabrics in one, tools and cords in another, Christmas decorations in another. Label the boxes or totes so that you can access them later when you need.

The Organization Plan - The Payoff: A clean, organized home

Now it's time for Rhino Shelf to work its true magic.


Rhino Shelf | Organize your home with Rhino Shelf. Keep it clean!

Place your organized items on your new Rhino Shelf kit. Our garage storage kits make this process easier and the results of your hard work will last.

When it's all said and done, you've found your lost items, your space, your sanity, and you've conquered the clutter!