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Christmas Past, Christmas Future, and a Christmas Present

As we have mentioned in our blogs before, we were hired by our local home builders guild to design a commercial-grade shelving system to their specifications.  Back when we first designed and started manufacturing our Rhino Shelf Garage Storage System for them, we also began a factory installation program for our area.
We now sell our shelves across the country from Alaska to the Virgin Islands, but we have continued to support our local homeowners and builders with these installations.  (We'll help you find a certified installer in your area, too! Just contact us!)
As part of our Factory Installation program, we have a permanent Rhino Shelf Showroom established in the Historic Commercial Building at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds - part of one of the Top Ten flea markets in the country:  The famous Raleigh Flea Market
This helps us stay in touch with actual customers face-to-face, so we don't ever forget what you folks who only interact with us over the internet are interested in an need.
Rhino Shelf is the perfect Christmas gift!

Garage Shelves as a Christmas Present

We're now getting into the Holiday Season and our new shelf owners are telling us how they're looking forward to getting their Christmas decorations down from the attic for the last time and storing them on their new garage shelves.  Seems that folks are getting tired of traipsing up and down the ladder to the attic for seasonal items - they prefer the attic be used for more long-term (forever) storage.  They tell us that the garage is the perfect place to store those things that they don't need daily or weekly, but that they only need to get to yearly. Our shelves are perfect for that class of seasonal storage.  Customers also like that you can see what is stored on their shelves. 
As you can see from our pictures, labels help. 
Rhino Shelf is the ultimate garage organization solution
But when people ask us if we can come to their homes and organize their boxes and totes for them, we have to tell them that we unfortunately are not set up to do that for them.  We do, however, stay on the look-out for good organizing ideas that we can pass on through this blog. 

Garage Storage is the Gift that Keeps On Giving

We recently have run across just such a wonder blog article specifically about Christmas decorations, from Jen, the "iHeartOrganizing" Lady (one of our favorite bloggers).  Take a moment to read her ideas, specifically the bin labels and tangle-free light storage ideas, entitled "IHeart: Our Holiday Storage."Get your shelves now so you can get them up before your decorations have to be put away until next year!
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