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Customer Idea: A Mud Room for Your Garage

That's what we call them around here. A place to hang muddy, wet clothes outside at the door from your garage to the house. Or anything that is more conveniently kept hanging in the garage for you to grab on the way to the car or the garden. This idea came to us from a customer who utilizes her invention for jackets and raincoats. Per her instruction, we built the clothes rack in the picture.
Create a mud room in your garage with Rhino Shelf garage storage

DIY Project for Garage "Mud Closet"

You'll need one Wooden Dowel or Closet Rod and two Round Closet Rod Center Supports moved out to the ends of the rod.  We used a 48" piece of 1-5/16" dowel rod and center supports to match that diameter.  The supports are screwed into the 2x4s of our Rhino Shelf® system with #8 x 3/4" screws.  Metal closet rods can be utilized, but we like the wood better.The closet rod can also be installed across the depth of the shelves rather than the length (rotate 90º and use a 33" length of rod).
Big Box or hardware stores carry the dowels and/or closet rods, but we've had a problem lately finding the center supports locally.  They are available on Amazon but they are a little pricey there.  eBay has one vendor who appears to be somewhat more reasonable.  Search for "Middle Mounting Closet Rod Bracket" on eBay or "Round Closet Rod Center Support" on Amazon or Google. In any event, make sure the diameter of your supports matches the diameter of your rod.  We used the standard 1-5/16" standard closet rod size. 
Caution: The big box stores also sell a 1-3/8" inch wooden dowel.  Don't get that one.
We've been unable to find any center support that will fit that size and you'll end up having to whittle the end of the rod down to make it fit.  A 1-1/4" dowel is also available and is acceptable, if a little loose.If you can't find a source for the center supports, give us a call.  We'll help you out with a package of two 1-5/16" Round Rod Center Supports out of our supply for $6.00 each plus packaging and USPS shipping of $3.00.  Call Rhino Shelf Customer Service at (919) 331-0204. 
And keep sending in your storage and organization ideas.