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The Importance of "Made in America"

Everyone wants to feel good about the things that they buy. Great quality at a great price with excellent customer service is critical, and for many Americans there is another factor that goes into our decision to buy one product over another: "Made in America" There is a lot of information in those three words and they mean different things to different people. Here are a few things that Americans consider when purchasing items Made in the USA. High Quality: In a 2013 survey by Consumer Reports, 79 percent of American customers would choose an American-made product over any other option (when that choice is available). About 60 percent of those customers that would choose the American product indicated "higher...

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Why do we use 2x4s for our shelf decking?

Rhino Shelf DIY Garage storage shelves are structural and strong. The best on the market, in fact. Part of that design is that Rhino Shelves were designed to use 2x4 lumber as the decking between the aluminum assemblies.  Why 2x4s?  Besides being a great choice, they are the strongest material for the price that is readily available. For the Rhino Shelf®, each bay (4' section) was designed to fit five 2x4s placed one 2x4 width apart.  Four additional 2x4's can be used to fill in and create a solid deck effect. For the RhinoMini each bay was designed to fit three 2x4s placed one 2x4 width apart. Other variations  for a solid deck effect are possible. Expanded metal can be...

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Need Help Getting Organized? Try N.A.P.O.

Many of our Rhino Shelf® customers ask if we can help them organize their garages "to look just like your pictures."  Truth be known, while we're pretty organized, we don't offer that service.  But we know some folks who can help you and who have our highest recommendation.  We'd like to introduce you to NAPO. NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers.  They are an organization of about 4,000 independent entrepreneurs, spread across the U.S.  We first met them when we were designing the Rhino Shelf system.  Our design client, the local builders' guild, introduced us to them so that we could get some quick insight into the needs of the homeowner.  The utilitarian design of our shelves to...

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Organizing Your Garage with Rhino Shelf

Organizing Your Garage The dreaded moment: Your car no longer fits in the garage.  It's raining and now you will be soaking wet while your stuff is perfectly dry and comfy inside your garage. It's time to DO SOMETHING about that. Organizing your garage is about making a space that functions to serve you. Perhaps you want to finally get your car into the garage, create the workshop you've always wanted, or maybe create a space for leisure and entertainment. No matter your goals, garage organization is the path to reach them.  Create a garage that functions and serves you!  Using the Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits, you can easily find your tools when you need them.  There will...

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