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Tool Time: What Tools Do You Need to Install Rhino Shelf

Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits are easily installed using a basic set of tools.  For regular installations, you will need the following:

Tape Measure
2-Feet Level (and a 4-Feet Level is recommended, but not required)
Stud Finder
Drill (or Impact Driver)
3/16" and 1/4" Drill Bits (the 1/4" bit is not needed if installing a Mid-Wall configuration)
Hex Head Drive Sockets - 1/8", 1/4", and 7/16"
1/2" Wrench and 1/2" Socket
Wood Saw
Plus safety gear as needed (eye & ear protection)

Tool Tips:

Measure up from the floor with the tape measure to mark your chosen shelf height for only the first assembly.  After that, use your level to extend a line across the face of your wall, marking a line every 48 inches.  Your garage floor is probably not level enough to measure up from the floor for each assembly - your shelf would not be level across its entire length.

In lieu of using the four-foot level, your can snap a level chalk line from the first assembly across the wall if you have a construction line.

The 4-feet level is used to ensure that your U-Parts and WS-Parts are installed at level. This can be accomplished with a 2-feet level, which is also helpful for aligning the diagonal arm to be screwed correctly into the stud AND to ensure that assemblies are installed horizontally level.

Installation of the 1/4" x 3" lag screws requires that you drill a 3/16" pilot hole into the center of the wall stud; otherwise the lag screw could possibly split the stud.  An old trim carpenter's trick is to "lubricate" the lag screw with a (dry) bar of soap before screwing it into the wall.  You can also safely use an Impact Driver instead of a drill, if you have one and know how to use it.  The lag screws are stainless steel so the head is much harder to twist off than if we used zinc-plated screws.

 The 1/4" drill bit is not used for pilot holes.  It is used only to drill holes through the aluminum angle that is attached to the side wall on the Mid-Wall, Right-Wall Start, and Left-Wall Start configurations (to line the holes up with your actual stud placement).

Any saw that will cut 2x4's can be used.  Alternatively, you may take your measurements with you to the big-box home improvement store, purchase your eight-foot boards, and have them cut your boards to your specific dimensions.  Most provide this free service.

Or you can contact us to discuss any of this - we're happy to help.  (888) 542-2683.