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"This is my second order from Rhino Shelf and I LOVE the product!"

- Andrew T, Washington


"It's great! We finally have our garage organized and it created tons of additional space. Highly recommend."

- Anna S, North Carolina


"I love your products and haven't seen anything that compares to them. The precise labeling and packaging are fantastic as well. Thanks."

- Doug M, Michigan


"Rhino Shelf has been an answer to all my garage space issues. They are extremely durable...... The process of getting them installed [and] getting [the] garage measured to installation....was seamless. I highly recommend Rhino Shelf as the best garage storage solution."

- C. Blackburn, North Carolina


"These shelves are super strong and very well made.  Wasn't too difficult to install.  Just find the studs, drill pilot holes, then mount on the wall. You will need a drill, a level, a stud finder and a saw for cutting the 2x4s (or you can have the hardware store do that for you). Once they are up, they aren't coming down. They look good too. Super pleased with this purchase."

- Jason S, Texas


"Thanks......We love our new shelves - definitely helped with organizing our garage!"

- Christy D, North Carolina


"Excellent product. Had a follow-up question with Rhino Shelf support and it was answered promptly.  Great customer service! American-made product."

- John C, Florida


"A DIY garage storage shelving kit has been such a help in organizing our garage. We can actually park our car now without dodging ’clutter’."

- Clay Baggett (LANDL Project Manager), North Carolina


"Awesome products. They are amazing, easy to install and lots of space saving for a small garage space."

- Michael M, Tennessee


"The shelves look and work great - second house / second set!"

- Dave B, North Carolina


"Thank you so much for your assistance in designing my Rhino Shelf configuration. Your product is absolutely perfect, and it allowed me to actually fit three vehicles in my small three-car garage."

- Sean M, Minnesota


"With 4 boys, my garage has been a disaster area, but after we installed DIY Rhino Shelf garage storage shelving kits (we have 2), we were able to get the unused toys, and miscellaneous clutter off the floor and hang everyone's bikes underneath the shelf for easy access! Super strong!"

- Joe F, North Carolina


"These brackets are great. Very well made. Comes with all hardware. Put them up and load them up. Simple design. Seems expensive, but if you tried to build yourself with retail components, factoring in time....It's a no brainer. You will not regret getting these shelves."

- Scott G, Tennessee


"As a homeowner, this commodious storage is so much better than squirreling things away in every nook and closet of the house. As an engineer, I appreciate the lean but strong design that provides the most storage with the least visual impact."

- Robert E, North Carolina


"A really, really good product. Solid shelving and it helped me get some items out of the basement and out to the garage (and off the garage floor)."

- Steve M, Indiana


"The DIY garage storage shelving kits have been one of the best "value-added features" in our new homes. We install in every home we build. We always get positive comments from prospective buyers."

- Warren Smith (Contractor), North Carolina