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S.P.A.C.E.S. - How to keep your life organized

You need an organizing and de-cluttering system if you don't have one.  We all do!  The pros say we've got to have one and it's time to admit they are right.  There are a couple of systems out there with names like "5S", "SPACE", "PLACE", and "SIMPLE".  They're somewhat complicated, right?  Actually, no.  I've used many of these systems over the years in various scenarios and have studied a good cross-section of the rest.  They're all remarkably similar, and I would argue, essentially identical. Leaving out all of the philosophizing and complication, I've boiled them down to their essential steps and my acronym is:  S.P.A.C.E.S. 1) Sort - Take your stuff, all of it, and put it into piles. Keep 'like...

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Missouri "Show Me" Field Test

We just wanted to share one picture with you today. We've noticed that a lot of our customers are engineers.  And that engineers are some of the biggest proponents of our shelves.  We are gratified that they recognize the strength and toughness that we have designed and build into our product. It seems that when we deal with engineers, for the most part they start off as skeptics.  They're used to seeing products today that are made as cheaply as possible, manufactured overseas and sold on the basis of marketing, not quality and craftsmanship. So when we win them over - and we do 100% of the time, if we may modestly say so - they become our best product...

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Customer Idea: A Mud Room for Your Garage

That's what we call them around here. A place to hang muddy, wet clothes outside at the door from your garage to the house. Or anything that is more conveniently kept hanging in the garage for you to grab on the way to the car or the garden. This idea came to us from a customer who utilizes her invention for jackets and raincoats. Per her instruction, we built the clothes rack in the picture. DIY Project for Garage "Mud Closet" You'll need one Wooden Dowel or Closet Rod and two Round Closet Rod Center Supports moved out to the ends of the rod.  We used a 48" piece of 1-5/16" dowel rod and center supports to match that diameter. ...

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Inspectors and Appraisers Love Us!

It keeps happening. As you may know, we frequently do Rhino Shelf factory installations in our regions – many for new home construction for both builders and homeowners.  So we are often in new subdivisions installing our innovative garage storage shelving systems. If a county building inspector is also in the subdivision and hasn't already seen our system, he or she will invariably come over to see what its all about.  We love it when they do.  They, without exception, always rave about our garage shelves.  They really do, and usually go so far as to track down the superintendent of the project to tell them that we definitely pass muster.   If we can brag a little, our design...

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Garage Organization Ideas Using Hooks and Milk Crates

Here's an under-shelf storage idea that a customer sent in.  She has hung milk crates from hooks screwed into the shelf 2x4s.  She indicated she uses her crates to organize and contain small items, and still have them accessible.  We have recreated her idea in our "studio garage" and produced the picture above.  (We swiped one of our grandson's ball collection to fill ours up.)  The milk crates we used are heavy duty plastic and are 17" long x 14" wide x 11" high.  Crates this size or plus/minus an inch or two, are widely available in big box or container stores, and many places on-line.  Shipping's kind of tough for on-line ordering, however, since we couldn't find any of...

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