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Missouri "Show Me" Field Test

We just wanted to share one picture with you today.

Rhino Shelf | Strong, Quality Garage Storage that is proven over time

We've noticed that a lot of our customers are engineers.  And that engineers are some of the biggest proponents of our shelves.  We are gratified that they recognize the strength and toughness that we have designed and build into our product.

It seems that when we deal with engineers, for the most part they start off as skeptics.  They're used to seeing products today that are made as cheaply as possible, manufactured overseas and sold on the basis of marketing, not quality and craftsmanship.

So when we win them over - and we do 100% of the time, if we may modestly say so - they become our best product ambassadors.

But they're going to test and verify first.

Combine that mindset with someone from Missouri, the "Show-Me" state, and you get this photo.  One of our new customers, who happens to be from Missouri and happens to be a structural engineer, sent it.  After he put his shelves up in his garage, the first thing he did was stack the first bay with water.  Everybody knows a liter of water weighs 2.204684 pounds, don't they?

He obviously wanted to test our claim that each bay will hold in excess of 600 pounds load, so he put, by our calculations, 276 liters of water on his shelf - over 600 pounds. 

We passed the test.

He was so pleased, he sent us this picture.  As you can see, he also appears to be very precise in his design of experiment.  The evidence for this is that he removed one of the 24-bottle shrink-wrapped units from the top since the remaining 23 units would be the closest he could come to slightly over 600 pounds using known-weight material on hand.

We thought that was mighty fair of him - but he didn't have to do that.

Our shelves WILL hold well in excess of 600 pounds of static load per bay as we claim when installed per our easy to follow instructions.

A picture's worth a thousand words.