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S.P.A.C.E.S. - How to keep your life organized

You need an organizing and de-cluttering system if you don't have one.  We all do! 

The pros say we've got to have one and it's time to admit they are right.  There are a couple of systems out there with names like "5S", "SPACE", "PLACE", and "SIMPLE".  They're somewhat complicated, right?  Actually, no.  I've used many of these systems over the years in various scenarios and have studied a good cross-section of the rest.  They're all remarkably similar, and I would argue, essentially identical.

Leaving out all of the philosophizing and complication, I've boiled them down to their essential steps and my acronym is:  S.P.A.C.E.S.

1) Sort - Take your stuff, all of it, and put it into piles. Keep 'like with like'.

2) Purge - Go through every pile, piece by piece.  Unless you NEED it, LOVE it, or USE it, it's got to go!  Sell it, Donate it, or Toss it!

3) Assign a home - based on how often you use it and distance/ease of access.  Examples: Use it daily, keep it on the counter.  Use it weekly, in the drawer; Monthly, in a closet; Seasonally, in the garage.  Categorize your storage spaces by time and environment.

4) Containerize - If there's more than one or it's untidy/cumbersome, put in in a bag, basket, box, storage tote, etc.  One box gets full, add a second box or split the category - remember LABEL EVERYTHING!

5) Evaluate - another word for maintenance. On a Schedule.  Simplify.  Repeats steps 1,2, & 3 with new stuff.  If you haven't used it, do you still need it?

Change of seasons is a good time for this.

6) Sustain - Daily/Weekly/Monthly tasks.  Discipline and habit.  Walk through 10 minutes a day, put it back, throw it away. 

That's it.  Don't overly complicate it.  Two points:

First, perfectionism is the root cause of most procrastination, not laziness.  "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

Secondly, most systems fail because they did not become a way of life.  "Habits come from following through on small commitments that result in good feelings."

Ten minutes a day,.... and SMILE!