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Inspectors and Appraisers Love Us!

It keeps happening.

As you may know, we frequently do Rhino Shelf factory installations in our regions – many for new home construction for both builders and homeowners.  So we are often in new subdivisions installing our innovative garage storage shelving systems.

Rhino Shelf | Inspectors and Appraisers love our structural garage shelves
If a county building inspector is also in the subdivision and hasn't already seen our system, he or she will invariably come over to see what its all about.  We love it when they do.
They, without exception, always rave about our garage shelves.  They really do, and usually go so far as to track down the superintendent of the project to tell them that we definitely pass muster.   If we can brag a little, our design and engineering are both top-notch and exceed all building code requirements.  (Inspectors have been known to ask “trick” questions but we always pass the exam.)
They say good things to us and about us.   We've even gotten calls from builders who have been referred to us by inspectors.  That's high praise, folks.
Along the same lines, we periodically hear from homeowners who have put in our garage storage kits, and who have just heard from the appraiser or bank loan officer (bank loan approval, prep for sale, buyer's inspection, construction advance, etc.).  They report that the appraisers have valued our shelves at three, four or even five times the cost of the shelves!
That's a 300% plus return on investment!  We'll stack that up against ANY other home improvement project.   Google it – you'll see how truly phenomenal this is.

Rhino Shelf is the safest and most structural garage shelving on the market.
Our customers tell us, for example, that they were moving to a new city and planned on taking the shelves with them, but they can't because their buyers demand that the shelves stay (and are willing to pay for them).  Then our customers order more for their new homes. “Do you ship to [fill in the blank]?”
Yes we do, and shipping is always free.  And yes, our structural engineered systems comply with the building codes in every state and jurisdiction in the United States.
Just ask your friendly neighborhood building inspector.