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The RhinoMini Uses Milk Crates to Store Lots of Stuff!

When we designed the RhinoMini Shelf, we had the standard milk crate in mind when we chose the shelf dimensions.  Shown here is a 4' RhinoMini with four milk crates stacked on it. Here are the dimensions of the 4-ft Mini Shelf section: The standard milk crate is about 18 5/8" long, 12 7/8" wide and 11 inches high.  Even if you've "snugged" your Mini directly underneath another Rhino Shelf (the Rhino Combo!), you will have at least 12" inches clearance between the shelf and the top bracket, and you can fit three wide on each shelf section.  If you have at least 22" clearance above the shelf, you can fit the milk crates two high. Milk crates are available...

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Raleigh Home Show Success!

Our Garage Storage Kits Win Awards at the Raleigh Home Show! Thank you to all of our team that made our booth at the Raleigh Home Show a smash success! It took lots of planning and muscle to pull this off in 2 days! Thanks Todd, Christian, Rodney, Kenny, Ben, and Don! Great job! This was our first home show and our booth was award-winning! We had a great response from show attendees, other vendors, and marketplace staff! Day 1 - Ready, Set, Go! Thank you to everyone who manned the booth and let the crowd know about the best garage shelving on the market - Rhino Shelf! Ben, Melinda, Jennifer, Tiffany, Cindy, and Don - Everyone was terrific!

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De-Clutter and Get Your Garage Back!

Keep Calm and Get Organized. Clear out, de-clutter, and let us help you get your garage (and some peace) back in your life! Clutter and disorganization clearly causes stress. Organize your possessions and save time and irritation when you need to use them. When it comes to the garage, barn, warehouse, and tool shop, we've got you covered. For more tips on how to organize your home, take a look at this great article that we found! Storage Solutions for your Home that you May Not Have Known We've found some great tips to help you conquer the clutter. These ideas are a great compliment to Rhino Shelf Kits because they help organize the living area of your home while...

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Who Buys Rhino Shelves?

Our valued Do-It-Yourself customers, of course . . . but we sell to quite a few businesses, too! This is a selection of our business customers.  You'll recognize a few of them!  They're everything from builders and realtors, to home organizers, to regular companies and organizations who just have a lot of storage needs.  This last category includes the military. Our largest military customers are the U.S. Coast Guard (mainly Alaska) and the U.S. Marine Corps.  We've also received orders from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army, including West Point.  (One of our engineers is a West Point grad, so he's proud of that!) Still and all, the vast majority of our sales are to individual homeowners.  We have...

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The Rhino Shelf Design Story

How did Rhino Shelf® products come to be? We'll explain specific design features of the product in two parts - one concerns engineering and is somewhat technically oriented. (Skip to the end if you find the daily job of the engineer a bit tedious - there are those of us who love it, however). The second concerns the utility and features, advantages, and benefits of the system from the user's viewpoint. Both are illustrative of how a product idea gets to market. First, Rhino Shelf® is the leading product of our company, Innovative Design Technology, LLC. We are, at our core, an engineering design company that offers our services to turn product ideas into finished designs, prototyping new products, and...

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