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Inspectors and Appraisers Love Us!

It keeps happening. As you may know, we frequently do Rhino Shelf factory installations in our regions – many for new home construction for both builders and homeowners.  So we are often in new subdivisions installing our innovative garage storage shelving systems. If a county building inspector is also in the subdivision and hasn't already seen our system, he or she will invariably come over to see what its all about.  We love it when they do.  They, without exception, always rave about our garage shelves.  They really do, and usually go so far as to track down the superintendent of the project to tell them that we definitely pass muster.   If we can brag a little, our design...

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Garage Organization Ideas Using Hooks and Milk Crates

Here's an under-shelf storage idea that a customer sent in.  She has hung milk crates from hooks screwed into the shelf 2x4s.  She indicated she uses her crates to organize and contain small items, and still have them accessible.  We have recreated her idea in our "studio garage" and produced the picture above.  (We swiped one of our grandson's ball collection to fill ours up.)  The milk crates we used are heavy duty plastic and are 17" long x 14" wide x 11" high.  Crates this size or plus/minus an inch or two, are widely available in big box or container stores, and many places on-line.  Shipping's kind of tough for on-line ordering, however, since we couldn't find any of...

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The RhinoMini Uses Milk Crates to Store Lots of Stuff!

When we designed the RhinoMini Shelf, we had the standard milk crate in mind when we chose the shelf dimensions.  Shown here is a 4' RhinoMini with four milk crates stacked on it. Here are the dimensions of the 4-ft Mini Shelf section: The standard milk crate is about 18 5/8" long, 12 7/8" wide and 11 inches high.  Even if you've "snugged" your Mini directly underneath another Rhino Shelf (the Rhino Combo!), you will have at least 12" inches clearance between the shelf and the top bracket, and you can fit three wide on each shelf section.  If you have at least 22" clearance above the shelf, you can fit the milk crates two high. Milk crates are available...

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Christmas 2016 - Give the gift of Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits

Here's the perfect Christmas Gift for the DIYer in your life! structural garage storage shelves are the perfect gift! When that handy person that you know receives a Rhino Shelf Kit, get ready to see an organized garage! And keep a close watch - they are going to lead all of their holiday guests through the garage instead of the front door! We always have a special discount code for this special time of year, so please check the banner at the top of the page to get your discount. Thank you for another excellent year! Merry Christmas from everyone at Rhino Shelf!

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2017 is Your Year to Organize! (and we can help!)

Organizing your house means assessing your needs, making a plan, sorting and boxing, and banishing the rest. The many garage storage kits from Rhino Shelf are easy to install so that you can quickly expand your storage capacity to store your sorted items. You will love your storage and, with Rhino Shelf, you can reclaim your house. The Organization Plan - Assessment Assess Your Belongings Walk through your house, garden, attic, basement, and garage. Take notes! What is the nature and extent of the stuff overload living in your home? Assess your Storage Areas Notice all the nooks and crannies that are cluttered. Notice the empty space. The Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits are great at using the space...

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