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Need Help Getting Organized? Try N.A.P.O.

Many of our Rhino Shelf® customers ask if we can help them organize their garages "to look just like your pictures."  Truth be known, while we're pretty organized, we don't offer that service.  But we know some folks who can help you and who have our highest recommendation.  We'd like to introduce you to NAPO.

Rhino Shelf worked with NAPO to create the best garage storage solution ever!

NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers.  They are an organization of about 4,000 independent entrepreneurs, spread across the U.S.  We first met them when we were designing the Rhino Shelf system.  Our design client, the local builders' guild, introduced us to them so that we could get some quick insight into the needs of the homeowner.  The utilitarian design of our shelves to a great extent came from NAPO's suggestions.  For this help we remain grateful.  (We talked about this is more detail in an earlier article on the Design Process.)

Since then, we have maintained a relationship with them.  Many NAPO members are part of our Affiliate Program and appear to like our shelves a lot.  It's a mutual admiration society, since we have the highest regard for the NAPO members we have dealt with over the years.  They have, uniformly, been knowledgeable, dedicated, effective professionals.

Go to their website (www.napo.net) and take a look at what they do.  As they state, they are here "[f]or individuals or businesses looking to conquer clutter and chaos, [offering] advice and insight on organizing as well as a way to connect with the most valuable organizing resource of all -- the professional organizer."

For an Organizer in your area, use their Professional Organizer Directory to look up a member doing business near you.

N.A.P.O. gets our highest Rhino Shelf® Recommendation!

 *Note:  We receive nothing in return for this recommendation.  In fact, NAPO did not know ahead of time that we were writing about them.