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Organizing Your Garage

You know you want to take back your garage when it takes longer to find your tools than to use them; you can no longer park your car in your garage because of all the clutter; when you waste time digging through your belongings, only to find items broken and forgotten, at the bottom of the stack. 

Create a garage your neighbors will envy! 

Rhino Shelf Garage Storage shelves help you organize and clear the clutter

Using the Rhino Shelf DIY Garage Storage Kits, you can easily find your tools when you need them.  There will finally be room enough to fit your car in the garage. 

When you install our special shelf kits, hooks, racks, and DIY storage units, you will be providing a complete organizational unit where you can protect your belongings from rodents, moisture, and breakage.  You can find your tennis rackets, your bicycle helmet, your bicycle!


    1. Identify available wall space.
    2. Pick a Model that best fits your available wall space. Select one or more of the 4 basic models and add an extension when space is available.
    3. Measure available wall space to determine appropriate length for the kit, referring to our Measurement Guides for more information.
    4. Order (Fast processing & Free Shipping)

    For virtual assistance in designing your system, call 888-542-2683 to schedule an appointment for the unique customer service experience via Skype or FaceTime!