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U Hang-All | Compliment your Rhino Shelf® system with the U Hang All Organizer.
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U Hang-All | Perfect for hanging gardening tools, lawn equipment, and more!
U Hang-All | Organize your lawn tools and equipment
U Hang-All | Use the U Hang-All to complete your Rhino Shelf® garage storage
Hanging Rod Support | Hangs from any Rhino Shelf garage storage system.
Rod Support 2-Pack | Hang a common dowel rod for increased storage of clothes, sports equipment, and more!


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Complete your garage with storage accessories from Rhino Shelf®!

The Rhino Wall Protector eliminates scuff marks and permanent damage to your walls from hanging bicycles, wheelbarrows, and other outdoor equipment. Because Rhino Shelf® allows customers to hang bicycles with the included bicycle hook, we developed a simple and easy-to-install wall guard to protect your walls. We send 2 Rhino Wall Protectors, a bicycle hook, 4 drywall anchors (2 per protector) , 4 screws (2 per protector), and simple instructions. Incredible value, incredible versatility!

The versatile U Hang-All tool organizers are a great compliment to your Rhino Shelf® garage storage system. Hang bicycles, gardening tools, and lawn equipment with ease. The U Hang-All enables anyone to store items in a small amount of space. You do not need any Rhino Shelf® product to enjoy the versatility of the U Hang-All tool organizer.

Rod Supports attach to the Rhino Shelf®, RhinoMini, Rhino Combo, or Corner Quickstart Kit  easily with 2 screws (included). With our 2-pack of rod supports, you can add a wooden dowel (1 and 5/16 inch, available at any home improvement store) to store clothes, sports equipment, tools and more.