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Installing the Rhino Shelf as a Left-Wall Start

Download the PDF instructions here!

Decide the height at which you would like your Rhino Shelf to be installed.

We recommend 82-84 inches in a typical scenario. However, your ceiling height or specific needs may vary. The Rhino Shelf must be mounted 26 inches below the ceiling to allow for the diagonal support to function correctly.

Once a height is established, mark that height on your wall. Then, locate the studs in your installation area.

*Note: Most homes are built with the studs located 16 inches apart. In some cases, the studs are 24 inches apart. Rhino Shelf easily accommodates both of these scenarios.
Draw a level, horizontal line in the length you intend to install (4', 8', 12', etc.).
Starting the Installation on the Left Wall

Convert your Left-End Assembly into a Left Wall Assembly by removing the diagonal support arm.

Place the Left Wall Assembly against the wall on the left side of your installation area with the top of the bracket aligned with your level line. On the Left Wall Assembly, mark the stud locations and drive the included lag bolts through the Left Wall Assembly and into the center of the studs.

*Note: You may need to use your 1/4-inch drill bit to drill through the Left Wall Assembly. This is expected and will not affect the strength of the system.

If you are installing a 4-feet Rhino Shelf, your next step will be to mount a Right-End Assembly (discussed below in Finishing the Installation of the Left-Wall Start). In most cases (those installing 8-feet and greater), the next step will be to mount a Tee Assembly.

Continuing the Installation of the Left-Wall Start

Tee Assemblies are used to continue the Rhino Shelf along a wall in Universal Kits that are 8-feet and longer. Installing a Tee Assembly is simple. Begin with the Tee Wall Bracket.
Using the level line that you drew earlier, place the Tee Wall Bracket such that the top of the Tee Wall Bracket is aligned with the level line. Install the Tee Wall Bracket as shown in the center of the stud that is closest to 48 inches away from the Left Wall Assembly that you installed earlier. Pilot holes are drilled with a 3/16-inch bit that is 3 and 1/2 inches in length. Lag bolts are driven into the wall with a 7/16 drive socket.
*Note: The holes on your Tee Wall Bracket may appear different than those in the video. This is no concern as your bracket will function perfectly as it should.

Place the pre-assembled Tee Assembly onto the Tee Wall Bracket under the lower lag bolt. Notice that the Tee Assembly is temporarily held in place so that your hands are free. Using a 1/2-inch wrench and a 1/2-inch drive socket, attach the Tee Assembly to the Tee Wall Bracket with the included 5/16" bolts and nuts.

Use the 2' level held vertically on the wall aligned with the center of the lag bolts in the Tee Wall Bracket. Make a mark from the top of the level down 2 inches. This line is the center of a stud and will provide guidance when installing the upper diagonal arm.
Place the 2' level on on the Tee Assembly horizontally and maneuver the upper diagonal arm to make contact with the wall. The placement of the upper diagonal bracket should be determined by making sure that the Tee Assembly is level. When level is achieved, attach the upper diagonal bracket to the wall using the same technique as before (drill a pilot hole, then drive the included lags.)

*Note: You may install Tee Assemblies to continue the installation in 4-feet sections. The number of Tee Assemblies that you received in your package is relative to the length that you ordered.
When installed, the Tee Assembly will look like this:

Finishing the Installation of the Left-Wall Start
Installing a Right-End Assembly is very similar to installing the Tee Assembly. Begin with the Right-End Assembly.
*Note: The holes on your Right Wall Bracket may appear different than those in the video. This is no concern as your bracket will function perfectly as it should.

Place the pre-assembled Right-End Assembly onto the Right Wall Bracket under the lower bolt, as before. Using the included bolt and nut, attach the Right-End Assembly to the Right Wall Bracket and tighten with a 1/2-inch wrench and drive socket.

Maintain level with the Right-End Assembly and attach the upper diagonal arm, as before.

When installed, the Right-End Assembly will look like this:

Installing the Shelf Decking
The simple installation is nearly complete! It is time to attach the shelf decking. We recommend 2x4s because of their strength and availability at any home improvement store or lumber yard.
*Note: The 2x4 that is used in the FRONT of the shelf should be attached first using 2 screws on either side. The remaining 4 boards require only 1 screw on either side. (Please see the video below for more visual aid.)

At the wall, measure the distance between the vertical portion of each assembly. Cut your 2x4s and begin installing the boards at the front of each section. Keep your front 2x4s as flush as possible with the front of the assembly. The Rhino Shelf has 5 boards per bay.