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Rhino Shelf 4' | Garage Storage Shelving that is affordable, strong and dependable.
Rhino Shelf 12' | The best garage storage solution. Period.
Rhino Shelf 4' | DIY Garage Storage Shelving that is easy to install.
Rhino Shelf 4' | Garage Storage Shelving that is versatile, modular and customizable.
Rhino Shelf 8' | Garage Storage that is wall-mounted and easy to install.
Rhino Shelf 8" | Garage Storage that is wall-mounted and tough.
Rhino Shelf 8' | Garage Storage that is wall-mounted and dependable.
Rhino Shelf | The best garage storage sheving ever.
Rhino Shelf | Any garage configuration, Rhino Shelf is versatile and universal!
Rhino Shelf Universal Kit

Rhino Shelf Universal Kit

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Product Overview

The Rhino Shelf® Universal DIY Garage Storage Kit is simple and strong. Conquer the clutter and organize your space with Rhino Shelf®'s easy to install shelves. Get your vehicles back in your garage and gain more usable space!

Available in 4-ft sections, Rhino Shelf® Kits accommodate 16" and 24" on-center stud construction as well as concrete structures! The Rhino Shelf® has a 33.5-inch shelf depth.

It's easy: measure the space that you have available on your wall(s), round to the nearest 4-feet, and order that length. Ordering our versatile garage shelving is as easy as 1-2-3. Each 4-feet section can easily support an incredible 650 lbs.!

Universal and Versatile

When we say universal, we mean it. You can attach our engineered, structural garage shelves to a corner on the left and extend to the right, attach to a corner on the right and extend to the left, attach a corner and extend to another corner, or start and stop in the middle of a wall. The pictures tell the story - Rhino Shelf® is made to fit any garage configuration.

Featuring an industry-leading wall-mounted design, Rhino Shelf® allows you to take full advantage of the unused space in the highest portions of your garage. Unlike ceiling-hung suspended systems, Rhino Shelf® will not compromise the structural integrity of your ceiling or void the warranty on your joists and trusses. Rhino Shelf® can be installed at any height that you like, enabling you to control the exact amount of garage storage that you need.

Superior Engineering, Made in America

In addition to all of the features, advantages, and benefits of our garage shelving system, Rhino Shelf® looks great in your home. With a clean and protective powder coating, our shelves will not rust, corrode, or weaken over time.

Proudly Made in America from design to engineering, manufacturing, packing and shipping, Rhino Shelf® is garage shelving done right. Marine-grade aluminum alloy is used for the easy-to install components. Those components come assembled for you. Simply take the carefully-packaged assemblies out of the box and go to work. The easy installation process makes our garage storage solution simple and quick. The Quickstart Installation Guide along with every nut, bolt, lag, and screw that you need is included. Only basic tools are needed to get our garage storage up and ready to hold your stuff.

Fits Any Garage Configuration

Customize your Rhino Shelf® DIY Garage Storage Kit with the lumber decking of your choosing. We recommend using 2x4s which are readily available at any home improvement store or lumber yard and easy to cut to the specific length that you need. Using wood also enables Rhino Shelf® users to add hooks, rods, and other accessories that are inexpensive and extremely versatile.

Store your bicycles, clothes, sports equipment, outdoor items and more underneath Rhino Shelf®. Your belongings will be out of your way, yet easily accessible when they are needed.

For the only American-made garage shelving on the market, buy now!