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RhinoMini Universal Garage Storage Kit

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Product Overview

Conquer the clutter! The RhinoMini Garage Storage Kit is the perfect shelf to help you organize your home and garage. With all the strength of Rhino Shelf® in a smaller size, the RhinoMini is the greatest garage storage bang for your buck.

The RhinoMini shelf is available in 4-feet sections. Each 4-feet section holds an incredible 650 lbs.. With a 20-inch shelf depth, the RhinoMini can store your belongings safely in the unused space of your garage. The industry-leading, wall-mounted design of all Rhino Shelf® products avoids your ceiling joists and maintains the structural integrity of your home.

Universal and Versatile

The RhinoMini is truly universal. Whether you would like the RhinoMini garage storage shelves to be installed in the middle of a wall OR if you need the RhinoMini to attach to a corner on one or both ends, our shelves fit wherever you need more storage. The RhinoMini will help you organize and store your tools, sports gear, craft projects, and more.

Do it yourself with easy-to-follow instructions. The installation process is simple. All components come pre-assembled for your convenience and every nut, bolt, screw, and lag is also included. Only basic tools are required for no-worry, high-quality garage storage that will last.

Superior Engineering, Made in America

Start organizing your home and de-clutter your garage. The RhinoMini is made of a super-strong aerospace aluminum alloy that is powder-coated for durability. You can also choose the industrial, brushed aluminum finish. Our shelves are also visually attractive. Customize the shelf with the wood decking of your choice. We recommend 2x4s for their strength and availability at any home improvement store.

All Rhino Shelf® garage storage solutions are proudly made in the USA. From design to engineering, manufacturing, packing, and shipping, you can be confident that the RhinoMini is a quality-built system that is safe in any home.

Buy now to get the best garage shelving on the market and de-clutter your space!