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Rhino Combo - 4' | Garage Shelving with volume, strength and versatility.
Rhino Combo 8' | Garage Storage that meets all of your organizational needs.
Rhino Combo 4' | Transform your garage with all of the storage space that you will ever need.
Rhino Combo 8' | Garage Storage Solutions with strong, versatile shelves that last.
Rhino Combo 12' | Unmatched volume, strength and varsatility compared to any other garage storage solution.
Rhino Combo 12' | Customizable garage shelving that is strong and durable.
Rhino Combo 12' | Conquer the clutter and organize your home.
Rhino Combo 12' | Garage shelving that helps you conquer the clutter.

Rhino COMBO Universal Kit

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Product Overview

The Rhino Combo Universal Kit includes a Rhino Shelf® (above, 33.5-inch shelf depth) and a RhinoMini (below, 20-inch shelf depth).

The Rhino Combo Universal Kit offers unmatched garage storage volume. Featuring the industry-leading, wall-mounted design with superior strength, the Rhino Combo has the volume that you need to hold very large items and very small items. Let the Rhino Combo store all of your belongings in the controlled climate of your garage without paying for external, off-site storage. Our garage storage shelves will carry the load easily and affordably.

Superior Engineering, Made in America

Every 4-feet section of the Rhino Shelf® and every 4-feet section of the RhinoMini can support 650 lbs. each. That is incredible garage storage capacity. Our marine-grade aluminum alloy provides structural strength. The material is powder coated to avoid corrosion and to provide a sleek appearance. Not only is our system strong and durable, but it will stand the test of time and look great in your garage.

Universal and Versatile

Universal Kits are versatile. Install the Rhino Combo in the middle of a wall, attach to a corner on the left, attach to a corner on the right, or extend from corner to corner. Everything that you need for every configuration is included in the kit. It is truly universal.

Installation is simple. An easy-to-follow Quickstart Installation Guide is included with every universal kit. Also, everything comes pre-assembled and packaged neatly so that you can open the box and go to work. Only basic tools are needed to install Rhino Combo Universal Kits.

Customize your Rhino Combo Universal Kit with the wood decking of your choosing. We recommend 2x4s that are available at any home improvement store or lumber yard. In addition to their strength, the wood decking allows inexpensive accessories to be attached beneath the RhinoMini to store clothes, sports equipment, bicycles, fishing gear and more.

The Rhino Combo Universal Kit is also perfect for other spaces besides just garages. Barns, tool sheds, warehouses, basements, and many other spaces where storage is needed can benefit from the volume and strength of the Rhino Combo.

If you have any questions about the Rhino Combo Universal Kit, or any other Rhino Shelf product, please contact us. We would be very glad to hear from you!