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Corner Quickturn System, Rhino Shelf Garage Storage

Corner QuickTurn System

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Rhino Shelf® is the most versatile garage storage shelving system on the market. If you would like to turn a corner using the Rhino Shelf®, RhinoMini, or Rhino Combo Universal kits, it's simple: Use the Corner QuickTurn System.

If your space needs an "L" in a corner, the Corner QuickTurn System connects two universal kits together. It's easy - choose any Universal Kit in the length needed for a single wall. Then, choose any Universal Kit in the length needed for an adjacent wall. Then, choose the Corner QuickTurn System.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Here are a few examples:

Connect a 12-feet Rhino Shelf Universal Garage Storage Kit to a 4-feet Rhino Shelf Universal Garage Storage Kit.

Connect a 16-feet RhinoMini Universal Garage Storage Kit to an 8-feet RhinoMini Universal Garage Storage Kit.

Mix and match, too! Connect an 8-feet Rhino Shelf Universal Garage Storage Kit to a 12-feet RhinoMini - or vice versa.

The Rhino Combo can also be combined in various ways. Any Combo can be joined to form a corner. For example, an 8-feet Rhino Combo Universal Garage Storage Kit can form an 8-ft Rhino and 8-ft Mini Corner Kit using the Corner Quickturn system.

Note: Because the Rhino Combo includes the Rhino Shelf® and the RhinoMini, two Corner QuickTurn Systems are needed when combining two Rhino Combo Universal Kits.

Connect a 12-feet Rhino Combo to a 4-feet Rhino Combo.

Customize the combinations to your specific needs:

Connect a 16-feet Rhino Combo to a 12-feet Rhino Shelf with only one Corner QuickTurn System.

Every combination is available with the Corner QuickTurn System. And there's more: If any Rhino Shelf extends from corner-to-corner along a single wall, two Corner QuickTurn Systems can be used to form A "U" shape.

For example:

If your 20-feet Rhino Shelf® Universal Kit extends from corner-to-corner along a single wall, connect a 4-feet Rhino Shelf® Universal Kit on the right side and a 4-feet Rhino Shelf® Universal Kit on the left side to form a "U" shape.

This can be accomplished with the RhinoMini Shelf and the Rhino Combo too!

The Corner Quickturn System is versatile and it is also easy to install. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy system affixes to the 2x4 decking quickly.

Rhino Shelf® garage storage kits have the possibilities for complete customization in your space. The Corner QuickTurn System unlocks the full potential of Rhino Shelf® garage storage solutions. As with all of our products, the Corner QuickTurn System is made in the USA.

If you have any questions, please contact us and experience our world-class customer service.